The Story 101

Everything you need to know about ZGL's epic storyline.

Last Updated: August 1, 2022

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Take existing epic narratives — Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Marvel, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars. That’s what we're creating -- we are writing a sci-fi novel with our community. Below we explain the rules, how the story will play out, and how you get to be a part of it.

Let’s dive in.


Buying an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) in The Seven Planets of Zero means obtaining the exclusive ability to vote on the storyline and receive royalties from the profits of the franchise.

There are two different types of characters you are buying in the novel:

  1. Supernova: The main characters.
  2. Nova: The Extras or the people who make up the armies.
ZGC Top Nauts

NOTE: While the ZGL Team provides all necessary guidelines, storyline backbone, and structure to the voting process, the community of Supernova and Nova Holders also dictates artistic direction and, therefore, the attraction from audiences that will directly affect the success of the ZGL storyline through voting, persuasion from the story's audience, discussions, rules that alter the future of the Characters, and creative input.

Supernova vs. Nova Perks



Developing the Storyline

We have created an epic storyline titled, “The Seven Planets of Zero,” with our community – referred to as "The Seven" for short.

Seven Planets of Zero Galaxy Map

The ZGL Team and The Seven Holders will collaborate to create intricate plots and subplots, Character development, interplanetary politics, and, yes, battles and deaths along the way.

In order to do this, we have a Discord titled, "The Seven Planets of Zero."  Here is what the Discord contains:

As we continue to flesh out the entire novel, we will be exploring ways to expand the brand even further for a global audience and more interaction possibilities such as pitching the novel to production studios for TV/Film, creating card or board games, IRL events, and more.

Marketing Strategy


The ZGL Team's primary target market are those who enjoy being a part of fan-fiction, entertainment, reading fantasy, creative writing, creative collaboration, and all in-between. They don't even have to care about NFTs, Web3, or Crypto.

Some ideas of how we will be targeting these individuals includes, but is not limited to:

"The Seven" Storyline Development

You will be given two options whenever you purchase a character in The Seven Planets of Zero:

  1. AUTO-PILOT: Opt out of creative input for your Character(s), thus allowing The Seven community and ZGL Team to take creative liberties on your character(s) and voting in the storyline (this can be undone at any time). If you do NOT join The Seven Discord, you are automatically choosing this option as The Seven Discord is where storyline community voting takes place. This does not revoke your ability to sell your Character on the market.
  2. ACTIVE INVOLVEMENT: Join The Seven Discord and creatively contribute towards your character(s). Be actively and directly involved in the voting and creative process for character development, plot lines, and anything else "The Seven" storyline includes.
Holder Voting

The Seven storyline voting will be split up into three categories: 

  1. Galaxy Council: Supernova Holders and the ZGL Team
  2. Galaxy Members: Nova Holders 
  3. Ghost Voters: Anyone who does not own a character

The voting power will be as follows:

  1. Galaxy Council: 50x vote
  2. Galaxy Members: 5x vote
  3. Ghost Voters: N/A -- meaning they are allowed to vote, but their votes hold no power other than to persuade the Galaxy Members and Galaxy Council. All Ghost Voting will have a time limit and will be done prior to the Galaxy Council making the final vote.

All voting will be made public so there is no falsified information. Once the votes are in, the decision is final. The ZGL Team will then work to provide the appropriate creative assets regarding the specific event which was voted on. This is subject to change if the Full Community deems necessary.

DISCLAIMER: Not all content ideated and created in The Seven Discord may be used in the actual storyline. Only the content which the ZGL Team and Galaxy Council deem best fit will be used.

Planet Alliances

We are still configuring exactly how this will play out, but we will allow character Holders to have their characters create alliances with other characters. How alliances will play out in the storyline is still being discussed.

Galaxy Points  (GP)

All characters have value in "The Seven." The assigned value for each Character is labeled Galaxy Points (GP). There exists a GP chart to show every Holder where their Character resides, categorized by Power Tiers:

  1. Nova: 5 GP
  2. Genesis Nova: 7 GP
  3. The Scattered: 30 GP
  4. Doric: 45 GP
  5. Ionic: 50 GP
  6. Corinthian: 65 GP
  7. Abnormal Power: 80 GP
  8. Galaxy Ruler: 95 GP
  9. Leviathan: 100 GP
  10. Titan: 250 GP
  11. Heca: 500 GP
Fox, the Desert Assassin - Top Naut

Personal Character Armies

Your personal character army is simply all of the characters you own. Any character you own will immediately be part of your army. That means the Supernovas you own all have potential to be companions in "The Seven" storyline.

Your character army strength is the total combination of your characters’ GP. That means if you have a Supernova with 40 GP and 4 Novas with 1 GP each, your total Character army GP is 44 GP. 

GP Multipliers

This is where holding Novas in your Character Army gets spicy. Planet Roles are meaningful within the storyline and when battling with your army. The Multipliers:

  1. 5/10 Planet Roles = 2x Multiplier on all Novas’ GP combined
  2. 10/10 Planet Roles = 3x Multiplier on all Novas’ GP combined

Get one of each Nova Planet Role and that’s even more valuable than certain Supernovas.

Planet Roles

Seven Planet Symbols


10% of all profit made on anything involving The Seven Planets of Zero franchise will be given to ALL NFT HOLDERS. This includes, but is not limited to, book sales, merchandise, events, and, potentially, if "The Seven" storyline is picked up by a production company to be made as a live-action televised or filmed series.

Why did we choose 10%? Because the remaining 90% of ZGL profit will be placed directly back into the Company for marketing, developing "The Seven" storyline, creating more creative assets for the overall immersive experience, grow the ZGL Team (salaries, contracting, etc), business development strategies, and ultimately increase the value of the NFTs for the Holders. It only benefits the community more in the long-run!


The 10% of all profit from The Seven Planets of Zero franchise will be split between each Holder based on their amount of GP. The higher GP you have, the more royalties you'll receive from the 10% franchise profit pool.


We know this is entirely new. But when have you ever had the opportunity to be a part of something so new and exciting and interactive and potentially massive? Now’s your chance to live out your dream of being an author, writer, warrior, sorceress, ruler, creature, or Titan. And, the best part is you get to do it alongside a community of fantasy lovers who are kind, incredibly creative, passionate, welcoming, and dreamers.

The ZGL Team beckons you to join them on this epic journey in creating the novel series, The Seven Planets of Zero.